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We're proud to have skilled local artists lead us in exploring the arts. Adults and kids can find which artistic expression awakens their desire to keep on creating. 

See what the classes are up to on our social media sites. Challenge yourself with a new art form or unwind at a no-stress painting night.

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Richard Hoshino
· November 10, 2017
I highly recommend Me and You Arts (MAYA) as the go-to-place in Squamish for creating and appreciating the arts. I am enjoying Acrylic Painting with Andrea on Thursday nights, which has been my first arts experience in 30+ years! Not only is Andrea a professional artist, she is also an outstanding teacher, and I highly recommend MAYA for people of all ages.

Rachel Kompass
· December 9, 2017
My daughter has been loving these classes. Painting and sculpting. So nice to see some more options for kids art in town. Especially as a weekly class.
Tasha Reeve Perrault
January 29 at 9:22pm
Lots of fun trying Carving with Art. Thanks

Beth Smith
November 29, 2017 at 7:17pm
Loving the carving classes with Art Harry.

Daphne Radford-Park reviewed Me And You Arts
December 9, 2017 ·
My daughter Maya joined a class with a friend this past week and loved it so much that she asked me to clear her schedule for subsequent classes



"All kinds of industries—beyond just entertainment and media—need creative minds to bring ideas to life. Animators. 3D animators. Multimedia artists. Special Effects artists. Along with others, they put their skills and imaginations to work everywhere from film and TV to medicine and law."

-Vancouver Institute of Art