Sometimes living in the moment catches me off guard...

So I'm the type of person that lives so much in the moment that I find it hard to plan ahead, have time to dwell on past memories or get upset about life flying by...but it has been, and as I was literally running through life something caught me off guard...

I was running out by myself, I like to say it that way because both kids are in school now and I don't have an excuse not to get out there and run, bike or rollerblade in the morning.  Well, to get back to it...I was running by the New Town playground with the giraffe and Elephants and saw out of the corner of my eye moms with kids and strollers.  My heart skipped a beat even while running.  A weird feeling came over me, one I'm not familiar with, a sense of, "Wow, that life that I once was struggling to get through is more stroller (which was my favorite parenting thing I ever owned...helped me stay active AND sane!).  Staying SaneThe moment didn't last long - I turned the corner smiling and almost having tears of joy come over me.  My kids are growing up and I'm excited for whatever new corner our family turns - new chapters - new adventures - new memories to make.  Sure I loved moments when they were small but life is just so full and wonderful at every turn.  I won't cry for memories of yesterday when there are wonderful ones happening every moment.  I will embrace every turn and not give up loving every minute of it!

Don't you give up either...whether you are still there with young children or you're watching your children go off to school and you're redefining your place in life.  Or maybe you're fighting to put food on the table or tired of going to the job that isn't exactly what you thought it would be.  Don't give up even if you don't know what the future holds for loved ones.  Tired of the same old same old?  House cleaning getting to you?  That DUST!!, dirty dishes and laundry just never stop do they?  Well let us all remember sometimes even living in the moment can catch you off guard because this moment doesn't last forever.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

-Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

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