Emily's CD Art

It was a lot of fun creating a CD cover for Emily. Here's a little bit of what went into making it.

The Contract

  1. size of art piece = 12 x 12
  2. CD title, "Becoming Me"
  3. Include her name with the "i" dotted with a star
  4. Main color to match the color of the blue stripe in her shirt
  5. She also liked the colors yellow and pink

This is the image I sent Emily at the midpoint of the painting process to see if she liked the direction I was going with it so far.


The Lettering

Here is a few of the pages that show how I developed/practiced the lettering for her CD cover.  She let me know not to dot the  "Becoming Me" with a star - just her name.  So I thought up an idea of the star streaking across the picture to represent a 'shooting star' - making a way for a new star, Emily to shine.

Artwork + Photoshop

  • Started with a picture of the actual art piece
  • Took a picture of the name I had developed and cut it out in Photoshop
  • Modified the picture she gave me and layered it on the photo of the art piece in Photoshop
  • Used another picture I took of the star part to layer more stars in the middle


Finished Photos I gave Emily through Dropbox

Emily's Finished Artwork

I visualize Emily smiling every time she walks by this painting (lyrics added after photoshop modifications).  I hope she will get to experience many more like it.


Emily's CD will be available on iTunes very soon or you can contact her by clicking here.