The Process Behind Spencer & Ellie's Painting


The words of God themselves reflect the glory of new things to come in our lives and in the life of the world in which we live.

Spencer (my husband's cousin) and Ellie got married this summer and so Rob and I were excited to give them a gift card to go towards a unique and one of a kind wedding gift. I enjoyed praying over them as I painted it. They truly made this painting their own. Here are a few of their ideas and desires represented in their painting:

  • Image of a city, skyline, street
  • To include Rev 21, "Behold I am making all things new."
  • Something is taking root and transforming (God's word making the roots under the street/buildings)
  • (After they saw the sketch) Use a few buildings that represent different places that they've lived or worked (Vancouver, British Columbia, Waterloo, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta)

The sketch

The sketch was sent to Spencer and Ellie before I started painting.  I ended up not doing the path/road and doing a page turn/book idea instead.  God gave me that idea while I was biking.  Spencer asked that I include at least three buildings that represented different places they've lived or worked at in their lives.  On the actual painting they are larger and have thicker paint.


First Layer:

  1. Taped off areas
  2. Paint the colors all at once
  3. The Glaze: Golden's Self Leveling Clear Gel (the paint was close to drying so the glaze didn't eat away at the paint underneith as much as I would've liked)


 Layer 1 is dry, tape is taken off

Layer 1 is dry, tape is taken off


Layer 2

  1. First layer of lettering
  2. A thick layer of glaze (Golden's High Solid Gel, matte) around three sides of the painting
  3. Using a comb along the glaze to give the idea of 'pages' in a book. 

Layer 3

  1. A slightly darker layer of lettering
  2. Used a blow dryer to dry it partly
  3. Wetted a paper towel and wiped part of the paint off of the lettering I had just written

Lettering close up.  You can see where the paint pulled away when I wiped it off.  I love the effect it gives!

Layer 6:  Added some gold on the Self Leveling Clear Gel (reflective part) and the words on the white strip. 

After this stage I was stuck and had to pray about what was next.

A few friends of mine gave me their first impressions and it helped give me the courage to move forward with what I had been sensing.  Something just wasn't feeling right about the white line in the middle.  Was asking God why he led me to do that and what to add.  I also wasn't too happy with the page turn so I changed that too. 

Added the black skyline behind the gold letters and added more paint to the main building in the middle.

God’s words are bigger than life and they were and are and always will be the force that brings light into a dark world.

Here's a close up to show how I made the sides of the painting to represent a book.

I decided to put another skyline behind the letters so the words in yellow would stand out more - as if the very words were telling of the glory that was to come against the darkness that we live in.  The words of God themselves reflect the glory of new things to come in our lives and in the life of the world in which we live.

Thank you Spencer and Ellie for allowing me to paint this for you. I hope it will be a meaningful art piece to share with each other and others for years to come. God’s blessings on your marriage.