Run + Art = Water

Training to run the St. Louis GO! 1/2 marathon on April 7th. Trying to raise money for Living Water International. They did deep water wells in 3rd world countries that don't have access to clean drinking water. Just $10 can make a difference for someone to get water.

On a side note: How's training going if you were to ask me right now?

Wow! Running this much is HARD! I'm not sure what keeps us all going. A strength and deeper motivation knowing we're being used for God's purposes definitely helps. There have been too many days I just cry as I put on my shoes - almost against my will - but I do it anyway. I remind myself and then pray for those that need water as I'm running. We can make a difference in the lives of so many people! Seems to keep me a little more sane as I persevere through these last few days! I am kinda shocked that I ran 12 miles! Did my teammate, Jen, and I really do that?? That's the furthest I've ever gone in my life. I'm not a distance runner...and I have to go 13.1?!!??

Lately it's been challenging to stay mentally and physically strong during this intense training schedule. I need prayer to stay more positive right now. I'm so glad I only one more week (on April 7th) before we run the St. Louis Go! Half Marathon!!!! I can't wait to be done!! It'll be fun to be at the finish line with everyone else on Team Living Water that I've been training with. I couldn't have gotten through all of this without them. There have been some neat relationships forged through this training process, ones I'll keep with me for a long time.

A shout out to my fellow runners: "Thanks for working so hard everyone on Team Living Water!! I hope you all do your best run ever next Sunday!"

Thank you so much for helping to support me and the need for fresh water. I wonder how many wells we can all help dig!

Keep 'pouring out your hearts' for others!!!

Andrea Andres, wife, mom, artist, runner,