Layering "the Word"

This was a very fun project. I was asked to design a CD cover for a fellow worship leader and although it didn't work out to be used I enjoyed the process of layering and adding photoshop to the finished project (won't show the actual CD cover in order to protect the name of the individual).

Layer 1: Base Color (lighter

Layer 2: Lettering - I don't think I actually used ink - just took away fromt he wet paint on the canvas.

Layer 3: Masked the lettering

Layer 4: painted a darker color over the whole painting

Layer 5: Took the masking glue off and painted a glaze over the whole thing

Layer 6: Wrote in the glaze with a toothpick like tool

Layer 7: After the glaze was dry I rubbed a dark blue color inside the lettering that was 'cut' out of the glaze. I also painted a lighter color over the whole thing for some reason. (I don't really know why but it added more deapth, I guess)

Layer 8: Another layer of glaze was added to put horizontal (lines) textures over the words that were cut out. Cut away more words with a toothpick like tool.

Layer 9: After this was dry I added the yellow color to the cut out letters and "the Word" in black.

Layer 10: UV protectant glaze - added to the finished product

Post Painting: I took some pictures and worked in photoshop to illuminate "the Word" more by inverting the colors. I felt "the Word" needed to be almost glowing b/c of the light it brings into our lives. I didn't think of doing that as a color option when I started so it was neat to see I could still alter it at the end. I added a picture of the worship leader as a soft layer on top with their name (I had done lettering for and cut out in photoshop). Wish I could've seen it on a CD.