What the Waves Whisper

74 x 36 Acrylic on canvas with original lettering using Mitchel's elbow nib

This painting was inspired during a BC ferry trip this summer. My husband and I were road biking on the sunshine coast with a bunch of our friends from Squamish and I was watching the white foam connecting with the darker waters. It was mesmerizingly beautiful.  

Watch the timelapse video

The foam felt like a whisper, 

gentle in how it connected to the darkness beyond it. Since I talk to God about stuff like this - I see Him as my inspiration for everything I do - I felt a stillness and peace in that moment. Nothing or no one compares to Him...like the foam's approach He is ever pressing into the darkness with his grace (represented in the white waves). Beauty and softness can be found in the foam...

and yet there is a powerful side... 

like the constant waves churning underneath.  The lettering I put in the painting is supposed to represent His gentle whisper while the (complexity) under the waves represents His power.  "Nothing compares to you. Nothing in this world could ever come close." The 'Waves Whisper' that over and over.