Andrea Andres

My name is Andrea Andres and I am the owner of Me And You Arts Academy & Gallery, situated in the awe-inspiring Coastal Mountains of British Columbia.

Born in a small town in Eastern Iowa in the United States, I became more 'home' when I was outside in nature.  When outside a deeper whisper called my name and drew me to explore on my horse out in the country or in the garden.  This influenced my art at a very early age. At the University of Iowa I learned the art of lettering from Glen Epstein, the world-renowned modern calligrapher. Watching how the Ruling Pen splattered between thick bold lines and thin delicate lines, I discovered the freedom of using letters as patterns, helping bring beauty to words in a new way.

Although I wouldn't land my first art contract until 2008, I did secure my Canadian husband, Rob, while at university! 6 years later, we sold the home we built in St Louis, Missouri, gave up our belongings, and moved our family to the beautiful mountain town of Squamish, B.C. to pursue more in life. Here we have found the place, the people and the outdoor adventures that make us come alive the most and where every day is extraordinary! 

My journey as led me to explore why my photography and artistic passions are guiding me to see simplistic designs and patterns found in nature and how those passions can be shared with the world. I'm finding a lot of joy in designing pillows, cards and my latest project, large wall and ceiling Clipso Prints. It was very fulfilling to figure out how to combine 26 photos into one large print (12 feet by 6 feet) with LED lighting on a beautifully welded metal frame.  To do that I've partnered with PERFEKTE MODERN to print and display a light box of my artwork on the whole back wall of our studio. The print's name is "What the Waves Whisper".

When I'm truly 'home' I can be found mountain and road biking, trail running, backcountry camping, hiking with my dog, and downhill skiing. I also enjoy watching the clouds roll by, taking care of horses at the Second Chance Cheekye Ranch with my daughter, singing, gardening, reading and playing board games, and spending quality time with my husband and two children while towing our camper around.


"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found was really going in."
-John Muir

"The mountains are melting into music."

-John Muir

 Hope to meet you out on a trail!

Hope to meet you out on a trail!


Opening a thousand windows to show us God.
-John Muir

2017-Present, Founder/Owner/Director/Artist at Me And You Arts, Inc.

Nov 2017, Destination BC Strategic Development Planning with Sea to Sky Corridor

2016-2018, Board of Director on the Squamish Arts Council

2016-2017, Vice-President of VISUALS (Squamish Valley Artists)

2015-2017, attended Whistler Arts Council Development meetings

2014-2017, Photographer and Marketer for the Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library

2014-2017, Website/Marketing Board Membr for VISUALS (Squamish Valley Artists)

2008-2014, Owner/Artist of Me And You Arts, LLC in St. Louis, MO (mainly did custom contracts)

(for more details on volunteering and schooling check out my Linkedin profile)


Greater St Louis Area

Squamish (Public Library, Cloudburst Café 2015-2017, Wind Festival, Adventure Centre, Squamish Arts Council Building/Gallery, Me And You Arts Academy and Gallery)


Bowen Island