Art Harry


Sko-Mish Native Art Carver, Art Harry See-appl-tun, first discovered his passion for carving from his father and other renowned elders, such as the late Chief Larry Joseph. When he witnessed first-hand what his close friend, Larry, could do with a single piece of white cedar, the concentration on his face and his hand working the carving knife blade with precision, it changed him forever.

“As soon as I could see what he did with a piece of wood, it took a piece of my heart. I thought, I’ve got to learn how to do that,” he says in a recent ‘locals’ interview with The Squamish Chief.

Instantly hooked to the fine craftsmanship of carving, Art Harry was taken under the wings of his first cousin, Rick Harry, who would teach him the different cuts and unique ways of carving. 25 years on and he continues to carve in the Squamish area of British Columbia on a daily basis as part of his tradition, culture, and overall wellbeing – and he feels that he still learns something new every day!

Specializing in plaques, paddles, totem poles, picture frames, figurines, masks, and bentwood boxes, Art Harry has also taught carving to the local secondary schools over the last ten years. He has worked with students to create a 9-foot eagle, bear totem, and various house posts, all of which can be seen at the local Squamish Totem Hall.

A passionate family man with four children and nine grandchildren, he extends a very warm welcome to others that may enjoy, or be interested in, his style of carving.