Sarah Saunders

Sarah’s passion for glass began in 1998 when she fled the confines of a mundane job to sign up for a stained-glass course at the Orchard Workshop in Bristol, England. Hooked from the moment her first leaded sunrise emerged, she continues to be captivated by the magical qualities of glass, the intense depth of colour, and the enchanting effect of light and shadow.

“The glasswork was stunning and I was psyched with the colours, but eventually I used it as an example of terrible soldering,” Sarah jokes of her first project.

By 2003, Sarah was teaching glass art to more than 100 children and students at Orchard Workshop, and was artist-in-residence at Chew Magna Primary School. These combined experiences revealed her love for sharing her art with other people, and she particularly enjoys working, and flowing, with the creative and therapeutic energies of a dynamic group.

The truth is that Sarah finds inspiration everywhere – from studying medieval church glass and historical methods to capturing elements observed in nature. She loves to combine techniques and play with different forms, shapes, and types of glass. And she has completed numerous private and public commissioned works, including school and library entrances, and restored and modernized windows and doors. She has also collaborated with other artists working in different media, such as silver, wood and stone, and is undaunted by even the most difficult of challenges that come her way.

In eager anticipation of her unique and inspiring stained glass workshops at the Me and You Arts Academy from September onwards, Sarah is looking forward to encouraging the sparks of imagination to fly!