Mixing thick body acrylic paint is like making a yummy dessert....it gets yummier and yummier the more you swirl it together and add it to the canvas.


Andrea Andres

Experience acrylics using different glazing techniques and tools to create multi dimensional artwork. Add a drawing aspect or paint completely by feel.  The skills can be learned but Andrea's goal is to help you pursue what ideas make you come alive. 

Malene Grotrian

Art as therapy: Journaling emotions onto canvas in an abstract way.


One Time Events

(can be requested for groups of 3 or more)

2-3 hrs long, up to 8 max Per Class


Intro & Beginner Courses

Adults 16+  (4 weeks long 2 hrs each class)

Kids 7+ (4 weeks long 1.5 hrs each class)

Up to 6 Per Class

Intro classes *upon request* will be offered one class at a time and supplies are provided

Haven't mixed colours with a pallet knife? Want a class that doesn't put you in a box? Then this is the right class for you! In this class Andrea helps you explore what ideas make you come alive. The goal is to get comfortable with this paint medium and have a unique art piece all your own to take home.  Once an intro or beginner course in acrylic painting is completed, artists may move on to learn other techniques involving glazes, but this class may be taken multiple times.


  • Intro to mixing acrylic paint using a pallet knife
  • Discover different ways to apply the paint to canvas
  • Create your own idea on a small canvas
  • Taster session on Gel, Paste & Mediums

Here is a suggested list of supplies for all our Acrylic Classes:

  • Canvas (suggested size no larger than 12x12 for intro/beginner, 24x24 for all others)
  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint set: Here's a link to give you an idea.
    • Or buy individually these suggested colours:
    • Hana’s Yellow (medium)
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Pyrrole Red
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Burnt umber or raw umber
    • Carbon Black
    • Titanium White
  • Brushes/Pallet knife of your choosing
  • Golden Retarder

Gel, Paste & Mediums Experimented with in class:

  • Soft Gel - Gloss
  • Heavy Gel - Matte
  • Heavy Gel - Gloss
  • Regular Gel - Gloss
  • Molding Paste
  • Crackle Paste
  • Coarse Pumice Gel
  • Clear Tar Gel
  • Clear Leveling Gel

*While you can purchase supplies anywhere our Academy chooses to support our local Art Supply store, Up with Art, when we can.

Intermediate Courses

Adults 16+  (4-8 weeks long 2 hrs each class

Kids 8+  (4-8wks long 1.5 hrs each class)

Up to 6 Per Class

Must have taken a beginner course or had some prior experience working with acrylics.

Now that you know what retarder is and how to mix colours comfortably with it you're ready for this class! Perhaps you're starting to figure out your unique style. Break out of the box and pursue what makes you come alive!  Andrea will be there to guide an support the questions and challenges that come your way. You'll be incorporating various techniques involving glazes, pastes or mediums. This class may be taken multiple times.


  • Work with two canvases (one small and one larger - up to 24x24)
  • Learn how to apply various Gel, Paste & Mediums

Advanced/Master Course

Must be okayed by the instructor