Finding life in letters

Words are powerful. The art of creating letter forms starts with learning basic lines. What you do with those lines, well...that's art!  Making those lines become your own voice is what Andrea hopes to help you discover. Have something you'd like to dwell on? Want to make your own cards to give to others?  Words can challenge, break us but when words help us focus on what is good, beautiful and true the art becomes life giving. Come discover all the different types of nibs, pens, inks and tools. Each class will help you progress from never dipping a pen into ink to using your pen with confident bold strokes.

More classes are on their way! Keep checking back or let Andrea know what type of class you'd like to see!

Beginner: Little or no experience with lettering, lettering tools, and media

Beginner/Intermediate: Comfortable with one calligraphic hand and how to use the related lettering tool(s); knowledge of an alphabet and how to use a pointed or broad-edge lettering tool

Intermediate: Competent in at least one calligraphic hand and has knowledge of various lettering tools

Intermediate/Advanced: Knowledge and skills of several calligraphic hands and lettering tools and writes confidently

Advanced: Experienced lettering skills and is proficient in several calligraphic hands

All Levels: Appropriate for any skill level