Need a hobby that's relaxing but you're still actively doing something? Enjoy working with wood? Here's your chance to be taught the ancient art of carving that's been passed down from generation to generation. Art Harry See-appl-tun has learned his trade from the best and is willing to pass it on to you! Get a lot of individual attention in the smaller more intimate class setting. You will not forget how your blade and wood connect to make a unique work of art. Art is really looking forward to meeting you.

-Take any class and advance at your own pace-

Have a group of 3 or more that are interested in learning Native Art Carving? Contact us to set up your own private event. Great for work, parties, families, and friends. Adults and kids (9+ years old)!



Intro Course (contact us and we'll help you get started)

This is a one time 'check it out' class

You'll join a class, get inspired and start your carving journey

Start a small project and see if it's a good fit for you!

Beginner Courses

Each class runs for 2-4 weeks

Adult classes 1.5 hours long | Kids 1 hour long

Up to 7 students per class

Kids and teens will use a 6"x10" piece of raw cedar

Adults (19+) will start with a 20"x6" piece of raw cedar


  • Learn safety and tools
  • Design from a pattern or your own idea
  • Transfer techniques
  • Optional scroll saw may be used to cut out design
  • Knife, carving out the details
  • Introduction to using a chisel tool

Intermediate Courses

Classes run for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours long

(Must have completed the beginner course)

Up to 7 students per class

Building on skills previously learned, kids, teens and adults will learn to develop more detailed designs and carving skills.

Kids will continue to fine tune their art carving on a 6"x10" piece of raw cedar with the option of making a small paddle.

Adults and teens will be able to make a larger paddle.


  • Design and transfer your own idea, patterns available
  • Optional scroll saw may be used to cut out the design
  • Chisel tool, developing deeper more defined grooves
  • Knife, carving more intricate details
  • Sanding and painting a finished product

Advanced Courses

Each class runs for about 8 weeks, 2 hours long

(Must have completed a beginner and a few intermediate courses before moving on, ask your instructor where you're at and if he'd recommend this course for you)

Up to 7 students per class

Kids will have the option to make a 3-Dimensional 20"x6" piece of raw cedar or make a larger paddle



  • Design a more complex 3-Dimensional object or long paddle
  • Cut out design using a scroll saw
  • Chisel into shape
  • Knife detailing
  • Sanding and painting the finished product

Master's Course

Instructor has to recommend this course for you.

Work closely with Art as he inspires and helps you achieve your goals. Be called upon to work on larger projects, involving longer and larger poles with multiple animals using Sko-Mish Native Art.