Here's a few photos from Sarah's students.


Raw beauty meets industrial strength!!

While cutting your design out on glass the art form invites you to define its raw hard edges. You need to have some toughness and confidence in ya. If you don't have it yet, you will after learning how to safely cut your first piece of glass! Discover different methods of connecting glass using Foil, Fusing and Lead. Each class is long enough to become fully engaged, giving you enough time to create alongside a skilled and professional artist. In England Sarah was giving up to 7 classes a week with 12 students in each class before moving to Canada. In our small class setting of no more than 6 people you'll get one on one attention guaranteeing you'll take home an amazing one of a kind art piece made entirely of glass!

Interested in Stained Glass? 

Contact us if you have a group of 2 or more Adults/Kids 11+ years old interested in learning stained glass and we'll put a class together. 


Introductory Course

Up to 6 per class (Adults 16+) and New Kids Classes (12+yrs)

Try out a {one time | 2.5 or 3 hour class} OR commit to a {4 week Class | 2.5 hrs long}

Once a beginner course in foil, lead or fusing is completed artists may move on to learn other techniques involving glass, but this class may be taken multiple times.


  • Learn safety and tools
  • Fundamentals of glass kiln work
  • Smaller scale project
  • 2D Copper Foil, Lead or Fusing
  • Design will be available or you can design your own

Intermediate Course

Up to 6 per class (Adults 16+)

Courses run for 4 weeks and are 2.5 hours long but may be taken multiple times.

Builds on previous beginner skills in either lead and foil. Introduces fusing and painting, plus simple 3D designs.


  • Larger in-depth projects
  • Copper Foil, Lead or Fusing
  • Design your own, more complex project using intricate shapes and lines
  • Pattern books will be provided for inspiration

Advanced Course

Up to 6 per class (Adults 16+)

Courses run for 4 weeks and are 2.5 hours long.

Students must complete all courses in either Copper Foil, Lead or Fusing first.

Discover more of the history behind stained glass. Let it inspire you to create a larger masterpiece for your garden or home, integrating shells, rocks, and other found treasures. Create complicated 3D skills. 


  • Explore contemporary or traditional glass painting designs
  • Painting-focused: traditional kiln fired method
  • Incorporate found treasures into glass
  • Develop complex 3D skills
  • Let your art tell a story you want to share (dreams, fairytales, nature, family tree)

Masters Course

Must have completed all other classes in either Copper, Foil, Lead, Fusing and Advanced Glass Painting, and be invited by the course instructor.

In this Glass Mastery Series, students will work in close proximity in a student/mentor relationship, potentially involving larger collaborative pieces. The final project will be displayed publicly and class times may vary. 


  • Design your own complex 3D & 2D work using multiple techniques
  • Paint, Fused, Lead, Foil, Slumping and Sandblasting
  • Graduates will work towards a grand finale piece that will be exhibited locally before being taken home

Contact us if you have someone under the age of 16 that wants to do a beginner course.